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Good Living

We believe that a healthy life is a big part of a healthy body. We are not preaching anything other than how we live it. We are not purists, but live a balanced life of good food, good friends, good thoughts. Some of our favorites include:

Buy fresh, buy local!

sunshine farm, recommended by natick massage * Sunshine Farm - Yes, we are related: Larry's brother, Jim, is the farmer there, and their grandfather started the farm over 60 years ago. They have a wonderful ice cream stand, fresh produce, pick-your-own-veggies and now offering a CSA (crop share association= box of veggies every week thru the season).
* The South Natick Farm: another place to buy fresh buy local. They had a sign recently offering grass-fed beef. I'm thrilled to see a local offering other than the big expensive supermarket I won't name.

Go to a museum!!

The Isabella Gardner has completed its renovation. The indoor gardens are stunning and the art is wonderful. They have a cafe for lunch of course, so you can make a day of it if you wish.

Get outside-Take a Walk!

* Elm Bank in Wellelsey has beautiful gardens and trails along the Charles river,
* The woods in Wayland (Greenways)
* Land of the Trustees: beautiful paths, safe, dog friendly and feels a million miles from rt 9!
* One of our favorite walks in the city is the waterfront- park over near the Barking Crab (some inexpensive lots if no street parking available) and walk over the old foot bridge and down to the waterfront path behind the Boston Harbor Hotel. The path continues all the way up to the New England Aquarium (stop and visit the seals in the outside tanks). You can continue on to The North End if your not done yet!

The Green houses at Wellesley College are free to the public. It can be transformative to take in some warm air and tropical plants on a cool rainy day.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

* A local haunt in Wayland called the Chateau Dudley (locally know as The Chat): great burgers, horribly yummy onion rings!, kid friendly.
* Our talented web developer, Debra Griffin, makes amazing comfort pottery that adds to your enjoyment of each meal you eat from them.

We all need a good support staff!

We have a list of local practitioners doing great work- we are happy to recommend someone to you depending on your needs, please ask- chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncture, yoga, auto mechanic, hair colorists, dentists and more...

home * be well * stay loose * mama care * good living * links & articles

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