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Larry Geoghegan

Larry Geoghegan graduated from The Massage Institute of New England in 1995. Larry is a licensed massage therapist specializing in structural integration. He is certified in Kinesis Myo-fascial Integration (KMI), cranio-sacral therapy and is pursuing studies to become a Hatha yoga instructor.

Larry has been studying advanced modalities of bodywork for several years, including visceral manipulation techniques and Aston patterning. Postural/structural assessment, deep tissue massage, myo-fascial release and movement techniques are incorporated into each session to promote balance and overall health for his clients.

Larry’s work is beneficial for a wide range of clients, from elite athletes to anyone looking to “explore their personal relationship with gravity”. Larry brings his enthusiasm and knowledge of anatomy and movement to help improve the quality of your life.

KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration), Structural Integration

The KMI (Kinesis Myofascial Integration) series of sessions works first to systematically open the body's 'sleeve', or outer tissues. Then we dive deeper to awaken and balance your core structures. The "end game" of the 10 -12 sessions brings harmony to the interaction among the lines of muscles and sinews that form a tensegrity network in which the bones move. This process is designed to restore optimal communication through all body systems which in turn frees up more of your vital energy for living a highly functioning and harmonious life.

"Rolfing" is the trademark term used by members of the "Rolf Institute", the school founded by Ida Rolf in Boulder Colorado. ( ) Many of Ida's original students went on to open schools based on her 10 session series. We call that family of work simply "Structural Integration". The training Larry graduated from (KMI) was founded by Tom Myers who was an original student of Ida Rolf. His knowledge, experience and devotion to Ida's work have offered many wonderful contributions for the advancement of Structural Integration.

Stay Loose

How do we stay loose? Larry is famous for telling clients to "Get your ass to a yoga class." (I know, it's not warm and fuzzy- but it's clear.) As practitioners, it's easier to give clients more effective treatment when the client is doing something to stretch/move/balance so that the work we do can be better received by the client.

* Yoga and movement at Roots and Wings (schedule) Great teachers here in our same building!
* Laughing Dog Yoga in Wellesley
Ask around, find a class nearby and try it!

We notice that there is a lot of "push on me, make me feel better" mentality in the general public - assuming that the work is all on the therapist, that's one way to do it. But we encourage our clients to be enrolled in their own healing/health/betterment- by actively participating in their own wellness. Roots and Wings offers free 1st time classes to many of their yoga/movement classes- a great way to try something new and see if it fits!

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